Welcome to your ‘Superpowers’ exercise, the next step in the Count Me In journey

Mitie’s ‘Count Me In’ initiative is all about making our colleagues feel included and welcome to be themselves at work. Part of being truly ourselves at work is understanding that we all have things that we are especially good at, things that feel easier to us than they do to many others. These are known as our strengths. Our strengths help us get stuff done and they’re often what other people see in our actions and behaviours too. When we know what our own personal strengths are and learn how to use them well, our strengths become our superpowers.

The activity on the next page will take you through a series of options to help you work out what your superpowers are and you’ll be asked to think about where and when you can use them to help yourself and your colleagues get more done, more easily at work.

Instructions: To get the best experience out of this tool please complete the learning using a P.C., laptop or tablet. To prevent your session timing out, please complete the exercise in one sitting without locking your screen or switching tabs. It will take approx. 5 - 8 minutes to complete.

If you have learning difficulties that make this online exercise difficult for you to complete, or have technical issues when completing the exercise please contact mitie@t-three.co.uk for alternative options/approaches. Thank you and enjoy!

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